7 Reasons Why You Choose MetaTrigger

2 min readMay 15, 2022


1.Easy to participate

There are many yield farming strategy options in DeFi but not many users are involved; This is because, first of all, it is not easy to choose a yield farming pool from many options, which requires a certain level of knowledge. Secondly, it requires investors to invest a certain amount of time in comparison and identification. Operationally, users need to complete a series of operations such as asset conversion, staking, and claiming, which may result in incorrect operations such as losing tokens, receiving fake tokens, transferring to the wrong address, etc.

MetaTrigger makes it easier for investors to participate in the DeFi project and gain income; it is easy for users to participate in mining by simply operating in the DAPP of MetaFinance, with a low-threshold of operation.

2. Maximizing Your Return

Yield is a key concern for every investor, and the MetaTrigger yield farming strategy pool can enable investors to maximize their mining returns. This is because the pool uses the optimal staking pool matching strategies & compound interest investment to boost 10%-50% on the base APY, which comes with the $MFI bonus.

3.Lower Gas Fee

With frequent compound interest investment, it will cost a lot of gas fees and may lead to losses as the income may not cover those fees. In MetaTrigger, the cost per investor is reduced because of the shared gas fee; the lower gas fee also contributes to the automatic execution of auto-compound investment operations to get a higher APY.

4.Selected Projects

MetaTrigger provides an asset selection and allocation function; we research various mining pools, and MetaLab selections & MetaDAO will vote on the collections, which will be available on MetaTrigger. MetaFinance will also evaluate the safety and profitability of each pool in advance; so that users can adjust their positions in real-time and aim for maximum profitability.

5. Security

All MetaTrigger smart contracts are open source and audited by multiple auditors; the contract automatically executes all operations. The projects offered for mining on MetaTrigger are also selected from audited, high-profile and hot projects to ensure the safety of users’ on-chain assets.

6. Algorithm-driven

Algorithm-Driven Design MetaFinance’s top algorithm engineers apply rigorous mathematical algorithms to MetaTrigger; each step uses optimal logic to build the perfect profit-sharing model, resulting in a closed-loop product logic.

7. Benefits from Starfish Program

Starfish is a fan club of cryptocurrency and Web3 enthusiasts who like to share their knowledge of the industry with others around them; Each member learns about the industry in Starfish, and those who are able to do so will be rewarded with Starfish rankings.

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