A Letter to our MetaFinance Community: Updates on Products & Strategies

It has been 18 months since MetaFinance was created in October 2020. With the support of our community, we have grown rapidly in the Metaverse; our technical community adheres to the values long-term. We believe that providing the best products and growing with our users are the core of MetaFinance’s values. We always strive to develop products that are at the cutting edge of the industry and expand the content of the MetaFinance ecosystem. Because of our long-term values, MetaFinance’s token $MFI reached a new milestone last month by listing as METAFI on MEXC, one of the highest-ranked exchanges in the world!

The crypto world (or web 3.0 world) is evolving rapidly. MetaFinance will accelerate the launching of several product lines to adopt changes to the current business circumstances. Many community members have been following the development of the MetaFinance eco-products, and this letter is used to elaborate MetaFinance’s plans for subsequent products and development strategies.

One of our products, MetaDEX, is the gateway to WEB 3.0 for billions of people worldwide, providing the Metaverse financial services. To unlock its great potential, MetaDEX will upgrade to a new brand — — “Canoe”, to link more eco-partners & unlock a massively larger economy.

For more information on the branding upgrade, please follow the link here https://canoe.finance/

Another product — — MetaTrigger, which we had a beta version in 2021, will get a major update: the launch of its yield aggregator. By auto- compounding to achieve higher yields than a single pool. There are multiple pools for users to choose. Our version is to help our community members discover valuable tokens and compound their value with time. Having our community members gain higher returns & create wealth is the core vision of MetaFinance. No other words of praise are needed — that’s the best tagline. MetaTrigger is being audited by professional institutions and will be available on our site once everything is ready.

What’s more, you will also see some updates on our DApp, as we refactor the underlying code for the node dividend and node competition to make them applicable to various scenarios on the chain. We will be adjusting the UI & adding a feedback window to get input from the community members faster.

The Blueprint program and node competition will continue to build a solid community base for the following reductions in $MFI. In addition, MetaFinance will create its crypto treasury for accumulating resources in the ecosystem and increasing the value of the MetaFinance brand. You’ll see these detailed rules soon!

📱Join #MetaFinance Telegram Community For More Details: https://t.me/metafinanceglobal



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