📰Crypto AMA Recap: MetaFinance & Berry Data


2⃣️: AMA

  • 🔢MetaDex : A Decentralized Exchange & simple MetaFi integration with upgradable SDK.
  • 💎MFI Pool: Users can stake their token in the mining pool to earn passive income
  • 💰MetaTrigger: The Yield Aggregator help people to maximize their passive income
  • 🤵MetaLabs : Connects, invests, and empowers viable blockchain startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the blockchain ecosystem.
  • 🆔MetaID: Each user could have a unique digital identity DID, which is held by the user in the form of NFT and contains registration time, staking information, community information, etc. This is an innovative approach to combining DID, NFT and DeFi, and this innovative NFT is used within the MetaFinance ecosystem.
  1. One-stop Financial Services + Community-driven DeFi Hub

And Big news: 📢we are pleased to announce a total number of 53,700 MFI tokens has been burned on BSC chain! 🔥 Token burning helps maintain a healthy cryptocurrency, keeping the token supply low while balancing the value of each token. Token burning is also completed in fairness to early contributors and the community in general.

Our Value:

3⃣️ Live Question




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