MetaFinance Tutorial : How to Use MetaTrigger

3 min readJun 8, 2022

MetaTrigger is a multi-chain yield aggregator powered by MetaFinance. It helps users gain more cryptocurrency and increase their passive income in the DeFi area, including optimal staking pools matching strategies & auto-compounding strategies. Here is the guidelines on how to participate 💡💰

1️⃣ You need a crypto wallet to store your CAKE (PancakeSwap token) for participation.

* MetaTrigger starting with its deployment on the BSC chain

2️⃣ Visit 🔗 and access “MetaTrigger” from the side navigation menu.

3️⃣ Complete the “Investment Information”, and fill in your referrer’s crypto wallet address (optional) & click “confirm” button for on-chain confirmation

*Approve is required before participating in the Trigger.

4️⃣ From the MetaTrigger page, click [Enter] to access the CAKE Staking Pool

5⃣️ In the page of CAKE Staking Pool, enter the amount you wish to stake, and complete the authorization and deposit operation

*Earnings start to accrue immediately after depositing your assets, with no fees or time limits.

6⃣️ On the [Base APY] page, you will find

  • [Withdraw] : to withdraw your assets;
  • [Harvest] to harvest your MFI earnings

7⃣️ Click [Reward APY] to enter the MFI rewards page;

  • [Harvest MFI] : to harvest your MFI rewards.
  • [Claim] : to claim your released MFI rewards, which will be released to you in the 180-day linear release rule.

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