Interpretation of Multi-Chain Token MFI

Q1: Is the total MFI 420000 ? Does cross-linking cause token overissuance?

MFI, with a total capacity of 420000, is currently deployed in multiple chains, under contract at:




Cross-chain does not lead to the issuance of tokens, the maximum supply is not equal to the sum of the issuance of tokens in different networks. Token contracts can not be re-issued, we need to maintain the total issuance of each network tokens to ensure that each network reserves will not be scarce.

Q2: What is the logic of MFI output?

MFI has so far produced a maximum of 400 pieces per day. Since the blockchain network relies on blocks to compare real time, the output is contracted according to how much each block is produced, and the actual output is based on block time. The maximum 24-hour block output is about 397.389 when the block output of the three networks is combined (a small fluctuation will occur depending on the block time)

Q3: Is there a risk that tokens will exceed their reserves across the chain?

MFI begins with ETH. When we come to Heco, BSC and other networks, we choose CEX as cross-link relay considering Gas, aging. The Assets Reserve of cross-chain relay will depend on the common reserve of many networks, and the reserve quantity comes from the quantity of market circulation, that is, the quantity of output. Reserves are not controlled by anyone and are used only for cross-chain relay, as illustrated in the following illustration.

Q4: When does MFI half execute?

The halving is to take place when the contract reaches the designated block, with ETH halving the height of the block to 13629060; BSC halving the height of the block to 12714594; HECO halving the height of the block to 10032753; and is expected to complete its first halving on November 15,2021, UTC, the halving of the total network output will reduce to 200 network days. Until then, MetaFinance will be completing a number of major upgrades, so stay tuned!



-- MetaFinance

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