MetaFinance Blueprint Plan

What is Blueprint Plan

MetaFinance Blueprint Plan is a plan launched by the MFI community to motivate prominent contributors in the community.

MetaFinance Blueprint Plan rewards communities and users who have well performed in node promotion and node competitions. All eligible communities will receive 1.5MFI every day for 160 days, with a total amount of 240MFI.

Therefore, node reward, node competition plus the Blueprint Plan will be able to jointly support node construction of MetaFinance, gaining more cornerstone nodes for the next stage of Digital Identity( DID ) issuance and node governance.


Participants who meet one of the following two conditions will be rewarded.

Condition 1

Become a super node and recommends 3 new super nodes. The community itself shall own at least 8 super nodes.

Condition 2

Become a super node and recommends 2 new super nodes. The community itself shall own at least 15 super nodes.

The Blueprint Plan is scheduled to open for registration on July 23. The first reward will be contributed by smart contract on July 26, lasting for 160 days with 1.5MFI per day, totaling 240MFI.


  1. Can non-super nodes participate in the Blueprint Plan?

No, the prerequisite for participating in the Blueprint Plan is to be a super node.

2.Can I join the Blueprint Plan at any time?

No, if you join the Blueprint program in the middle of the week ( which means there are less than 14 snapshots this week), you will see the data and get the reward in the next week. Our system determines the eligibility for participation every Monday, based on whether it was a super node last week.

3.What happens if the condition for participation are not met halfway?

The rewards will be suspended in the next round of the node cycle. The eligibility for participation will be reviewed for a second time.

4.Where do the rewards of Blueprint Plan come from?

The rewards of Blueprint Plan comes from the 10,000MFI used for cross-chain burning of the total 210,000MFI in Pool2.



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