MetaFinance brand upgrade, nine revolutionary products ready to launch

6 min readJan 13, 2021


Brand Upgrade

80% of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 20% of the people, all people can feel the social phenomenon, we call it “Matthew effect. ” . This is especially true in the financial sector, where a centralized financial system is a tool for 20% of the population to harvest 80% of the population, and where everyone’s life is controlled by a centralized institution.

Metapool was born in this era. It has been on the market for more than two months now. Ecological products have been perfected. Users and deposits have been growing steadily. It has developed a variety of products based on smart contracts under DEFI ecology instead of a single mine pool, in anticipation of the 2021 cryptocurrency boom, the MetaPool brand is now officially upgraded to MetaFinance.

METAFINANCE’s vision is to create a global decentralized financial integrated business. It has launched four products, metaaboard (promotional revenue) , MetaPool (mining ecocoin) , MetaDAO (community autonomy) and MetaTrigger (strategic gun pool dividends) , to build a complete ecosystem around MFI governance coinage. At the same time, the innovative TMM-team market-making METADEX continued to push forward the development of decentralized option agreements and investment funds. At 2021, a complete ecological loop — a global decentralized financial complex — will emerge as more of MetaFinance’s products are launched. Each product needs MFI support, scarcity, multi-scenario and high value will further bring users and funds, in the cryptocurrency market value of record high times, MFI is hard to find, not far from us.

MFI Blockchain 3.0

MetaFinance ecology has launched/is about to launch a revolutionary product:

1. Mobile advertising-a decentralized advertising system

Mobile is a decentralized billboard promotion system deployed through smart contracts, allowing users to quickly build the right social network on demand, which will be recorded on the blockchain and live forever, all new products launched by MetaFinance will use the recorded social network, and all new products will be distributed with reference to the community’s contribution to the ecology!

2. Metapool-“Three-nil” liquidity mining mechanism

Metapool uses a “Three-nil” liquidity mining mechanism with no pre-mining, no private placement, and no team reservation. The MFI produced by Metapool carries the community value of metafaith, and we hope to distribute MFI to effective consensus participants in metafaith ecology, the mining mechanism introduced the best holding of money and other innovative mechanisms to effectively prevent the whale excessive influence on the scattered consensus.

3. MetaTrigger-a machine gun strategy protocol with a compound interest model

Metatrigger will help MetaFinance to capture higher yields outside of the ecosystem with the sediment generated in the system, thus bringing more revenue to MetaFinance’s ecosystem. MetaTrigger licenses funds to certain types of cold wallets, grants access to the funds while keeping the funds safe, and returns the proceeds to the contract, during which time the MetaTrigger accumulates the proceeds, further compound interest effect, compound interest model will help the funds to get a greater use of funds, and can greatly improve the ecological benefits of MetaFinance.

4. Metadao-decentralized community governance ecology

MetaFinance is a very important part of MetaFinance, helping MetaFinance’s community consensus grow stronger and stronger. Users can participate in MetaFinance governance by voting through METADAO, MFS governance dividend protocol will be put on line in the future, and our community governance model will be updated iteratively with the development of technology. Currently, metafaith has adopted a fair and open voting system for community governance. A complete voting system was set up in SnapShot to vote on the METAFAITH proposal.

5. Metadex-innovative algorithm AMM aggregation trading platform

Metafinance proposes an innovative and improved algorithm for AMM aggregation trading platform. Most market-making mechanisms in the market have some defects such as slippage point and inconstancy loss. In order to better integrate with MetaFinance, TMM-team market-making algorithm is proposed, and Bancor algorithm is optimized, enabling some communities to participate in some of the depth of the verifier, and through fees to participate in the community incentives, which will make the transaction depth and price more close to the real situation, the community can also be encouraged through this way.

6. Metaop-decentralized financial derivatives aggregation and trading platform

Metaaop is the track of decentralization of financial derivatives in MetaFinance layout. At present, the main financial derivatives and synthetic assets rely on coinage logic. Without physical delivery, metaaop can not be widely recognized and its development scale is limited. MetaOP will use a forward trading model to help decentralize the ecosystem and build aggregations of options, futures, swaps, etfs, CDS , and insurance policies. All of this will be implemented based on the underlying protocol of metaaop.

7. Metabm-unsecured lending agreement

Based on the fact that MetaBM is a loan agreement based on MetaFinance ecological development, which integrates the characteristics of ecological community and proposes a logic different from the simple mortgage loan in the traditional chain, MetaBM will support the guaranteed loan program, communities obtain sponsorship by pledging a number of MFI and other asset tokens. Users can submit an application to the sponsor, the sponsor decides whether to lend, the realization of the applicant’s unsecured loans, and the sponsor can get most of the interest income. The lending assets are mainly in stable currency, ETH and other negotiable tokens in the ecosystem.

8. MetaFund-desinochem Digital Asset Investment Fund

MetaFund is a primary market-oriented digital currency investment fund that allocates part of its capital in the primary market in pursuit of higher returns. Make full use of the high quality community resources of MetaFinance, issue investment committee token to the high quality community, the community will discover and recommend the project to metadarao, the income will reward the referees and the community participating in the governance.

9. Metachain-defi Chain based on Boca Ecology

Metachain is a new requirement of MetaFinance products. Facing the congestion of ETH, the closure of ecosystem and the more and more expensive Gas cost, MetaChain network with better performance has to be chosen to support the ecosystem of MetaFinance. MetaFinance will choose the poca public chain to work together, based on the strong ecology of Polkadot and Subtrate cross-link performance, I believe that will lead MetaFinance to go further. Of course, we can’t rule out continuing to work on the ETH network until Eth2.0’s vision is realized.

MetaFinance Modules

We are working on a revolutionary product that will allow MFI to be integrated into the lives of everyone, and everyone will be able to deploy their assets freely, without having to be watched, supervised, and seized by a centralized agency. Guarantee the fairness of every investor’s financial participation, resist the real world’s asset review and supervision, Peel off the harm of centralized finance, and build a truly decentralized financial world.

METAFINANCE’s nine products have built the entire DeFi industry jigsaw, and we believe that with our users, to understand the future of products, the wave of decentralization will eventually sweep the world, MetaFinance’s current efforts, just to do a MFI, go around DeFi; a follow, a hundred times the consensus. Call on all communities to participate in the cause of MFI Global Linkage, in a short period of time to complete their own value transformation, their own benefits, feed-back society.