MetaFinance FAQ

$MFI are currently listed in (CEX) and Pancake (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). So you.

$MFI is currently available on HECO, BSC, and Ethereum.

MFI-BSC: 0x808f1350dff684c099f4837a01d863fc61a86bc6

MFI-HECO: 0x54353526eade905d0d5849ea7d0936f86ca17da3

MFI-ETH: 0xEaDC218Ac4cB7895a5A56e6484646b48f841C45a

For now, you need to do cross-chain transfer via Choose your target blockchain in withdrawal and enter your address on the target blockchain.

Yes, MetaFinance is audited by Knownsec, one of the leading security auditing firm in this industry. Please find the security audit report:

a. You need a multi-chain supporting wallet. Here are some recommendations:


SafePal: (ETH, BSC)

Tokenpocket: (ETH,BSC,HECO)

b. Please enter and choose Metapool.

c. Scroll down to your blockchain (ETH, BSC, HECO), authorize login, and choose your preferred lock-up period:

d. Press Stake and enter amount. You are good to go.

About MetaFinance

MetaFinance aims to create a decentralized financial complex by combining different decentralized products in a legoesque way, with four core products: metaaboard, MetaPool, metadaao, MetaTrigger, community-based Dex, derivatives, NFT and more will follow. MFI is a governance token that carries the value and equity of MetaFinance. A version of MetaFinance V2 will be available from 2021 Q3.

Learn more about MetaFinance:


Official Website:



V2 Introduction:




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