💡MetaFinance: ✏It’s Quiz Night, Crypto Fun time !

2 min readAug 9, 2022


⏰Friday Quiz Night 🎴

Date: 11AM UTC, AUG 12

Venue: 📱https://t.me/metafinanceglobal

If you are:
🙆Interested in DeFi,
🙆‍♂️Interested and willing to participate in MetaFinance’s ecosystem,

🔥Then you should join our Quiz Night with three simple steps⬇️:
✅ Join our telegram group
✅ Follow our twitter account
✅ Subscribe, like and retweet the tweet to three of your friends


🌐Website |📰Twitter | 📱Telegram | 📖Medium

Game Rules:

1. Every question counts 10 points and there are 10 questions each, which makes the total point 100. The highest and fastest scorer wins!

2. Every question will be released respectively by the host in our telegram group chat (https://t.me/metafinanceglobal). Every question has a 3 minutes duration before the next question is released. Participants are required to answer them on google sheet(link will be shared in the group ).

3. Every participant has one opportunity, no repeated sign-ups or repeated attempts will be allowed!

4. The duration of the quiz will be 11AM to 11:45 AM UTC, Aug 12. Failing to submit the answers by the schedule will no longer have the opportunity for rewards.

5. The winner’s list will be released in five working days after the event concludes.

We look forward to your participation!

MetaFinance Team.