MetaFinance: June Development Update, 2022

4 min readJun 30, 2022


It has been a relatively slow market this June. The issue with assets and the crisis of liquidity from Luna and Three Arrows has affected the entire industry. In this market winter, we are still able to see the persevering builders of Web 3.0. At the start of this month, we launched MetaTrigger 1.0’s auto-compounding pool , voting for MFI token model, and burnt over 53,700 MFI. We also updated the web page for MetaDAO and MetaLabs. Moreover, DID also have some exciting progress, with a series of community events and AMA cooperations. Let us review the June summary of MetaFinance together.

(1) Without any advanced notifications, the HOO exchange has limited the access to assets withdrawal. We are contacting the Hoo Exchange to bring back MFI withdrawal as soon as possible. We advise our users to use PancakeSwap or MEXC exchange to trade and use MetaDEX (now named Canoe) to trade on-chain. We will keep the news up-to-date in our community.

(2) The yield aggregator, MetaTrigger was succefully launched on June 6th, with the product being audited by Peckshield and Fairyproof these two leading insitutions. You may check the reports on both MetaTrigger page and auditing websites. In the MetaTrigger 1.0, we use Cake as our profiting token, with a yield of 70%. The MetaTrigger 2.0 version will update the veToken model to broaden the range of applications and raise the profitability, Stay tuned!

(3) There has been an update to MetaDAO and MetaLab’s official website page, while MetaLabs focuses on web3.0, exploring projects with great potential and raising the brand value for MetaFinance. It also empowers MFI and brings profits to the community.
MetaDAO pages show the previous votes, and allow the participation in the upcoming voting events.



(4) MetaFinance DID is an eco profile validation for MetaFinance, similar to the Proof of Attendance Protocol. In the upcoming MetaFinance personal centre page, DID records user’s behaviour in MetaFinance, such as pledge badges, time badges, node badges, several events and compound badges etc. we will use MetaFinance DID as our future validations for nodes, and bring out all the products in the ecosystem according to the badge generated NFTs. For instance, the future rewards for nodes can be collected according to nodes, instead of the address. Nodes NFTs are exchangeable. We encourage users to collect more badges and unlock more achievements.

MetaFinance achievement system will be online this July, and from the development progress, the complete version of the DID’s NFT will be provided to the community in the third quarter of the year, and a comprehensive introduction of the DID will be published before the launch.

(5) We have received emails from early contributors of MetaFinance. As these early contributors to the community are actively building an educational empowering product DeDAO, to service the MFI community users, while hoping to bring more active contributions to the Web3 industry, which is similar to our vision: to build a study-based community and a long termism community. We will use helping the community, supporting study-based community and investing based on value as our orientation, while making use of the tools in the market to acquire more knowledge of the Web3.

(6) This month, MetaFinance is active in all sections of the industry: head of marketing, Rodrigo joined Binance Live to talk about Web3 user experience and MetaFinance’s business strategy. He also engaged in two theme AMA with Berry Data and GloryPlanet, attracting millions of users to participate. Now, more projects are in progress and we invite you to join the energetic MetaFinance community.

That’s all for the MetaFinance’s June monthly summary, we will continue to publish the monthly summary afterwards, and introduce our technical team’s work for the month. With the help of all the persevering and trusting members, we will build the ecosystem of MetaFinance together, and with the support of a firm community and high-quality products, we will stick together through thick and thin, achieving a great leap of value!


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