MetaFinance New Update: 🔥$MFI Token Burn Event Are Completed!

🚨$MFI token burn event is Completed!

📢we are pleased to announce a total number of 53,700 MFI tokens has been burned on BSC chain!

Token burning helps maintain a healthy cryptocurrency, keeping the token supply low while balancing the value of each token. Token burning is also completed in fairness to early contributors and the community in general.

There are 53,700 MFI tokens were burned on BSC chain, in 14 June, 2022.

Token burning transaction:

💎How can I purchase MFI tokens?

MFI tokens can be instantly purchased on the following exchanges:

Pancake (DEX)

MEXC Global (CEX) (CEX)

💎Are there other ways to receive MFI tokens?

MetaFinance will be airdropping MFI tokens during events. You can read more the latest information from our Official Twitter 📱 or Telegram Community

We want to thank our community again for the support provided and let them know that we continue working to make MetaFinance where everyone enjoys being.


MetaFinance Team.


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