MetaFinance New Update: 🔥$MFI Token Burn Event Are Completed!

1 min readJun 15, 2022

🚨$MFI token burn event is Completed!

📢we are pleased to announce a total number of 53,700 MFI tokens has been burned on BSC chain!

  • Why are we burning tokens?

Token burning helps maintain a healthy cryptocurrency, keeping the token supply low while balancing the value of each token. Token burning is also completed in fairness to early contributors and the community in general.

  • How many MFI tokens were burned in this event?

There are 53,700 MFI tokens were burned on BSC chain, in 14 June, 2022.

Token burning transaction:

💎How can I purchase MFI tokens?

MFI tokens can be instantly purchased on the following exchanges:

Pancake (DEX)

MEXC Global (CEX) (CEX)

💎Are there other ways to receive MFI tokens?

MetaFinance will be airdropping MFI tokens during events. You can read more the latest information from our Official Twitter 📱 or Telegram Community

We want to thank our community again for the support provided and let them know that we continue working to make MetaFinance where everyone enjoys being.


MetaFinance Team.


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