MetaFinance| We are hiring Crypto Youtubers !🎬

2 min readSep 14, 2022


Creating your best work

👀 Knock knock! Any YouTubers around?
💰 Do you want to earn up to $1,000?

@MetaFinance is preparing to establish its very own #Youtube channel and we are hiring innovative and professional YouTubers! 🔥

Create Videos to Earn 🎬🌟

💰Rewards: $250~1,000 equivalent of MFI tokens

A qualified video is $250 worth of MFI tokens

💎Additional $20 bonus for adding subtitles to videos

+With $10 worth of MFI tokens for every extra 100 views exceeding 3k views, with a maximum of $300 in one month.

+With $1 worth of MFI tokens for every extra 1 comment exceeding 800 comments, with a maximum of $180 in one month.

+$250 worth of MFI tokens as bonus rewards if your video is chosen for long term partnership.

➡️Platform: Youtube

💎Creation requirements: Introduce & Promote specific products of MetaFinance (Details to be announced)

🏆Requirements for participants:

* You have at least 5,000+ active followers ✅

* You have experience creating videos with crypto related content, and have created single videos with over 10,000 views previously ✅

*Able to create interesting lines and engaging original content, consistent and visible effort to attract audiences ✅

● For applicants who wish to apply for this task, ⬇️⬇️ fill up this Application Form is required


  • If your application meets the interview requirements, we will contact you within 10 working days.

● Languages Options🌍:
✅Opening to all languages


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