MetaFinance Weekly Report (July 23 2021)

1.Technical and Product Development

To promote the balanced development of multichain pools, MetaFinance technical team will adjust the APY output coefficient of MFI pools deployed on three public chains in the near future. The APY output coefficient will be adjusted based on the staking proportion of each chain, with the daily total output of MFI remains unchanged. After adjustment, the output on BSC and HECO chain will slightly increase.

The continuous influx of global community users has brought us a large number of demands for onchain transaction. In response, our team will provide a sufficient MFI liquidity pool on PancakeSwap on BSC to significantly reduce transaction gas fees. We also encourage our communities and users to add liquidity on Pancake to have a better understanding of the entire pooling and mining ecology before the MetaDEX launches. The MFI pool on Uniswap on Ethereum chain will be gradually removed within the following two weeks.

MetaFinance Blueprint Plan has been open for registration since July 23. The first rewards will be distributed to those eligible communities on July 26. For further details, please refer to:

New UI interface and UX experience are to come, including a brand-new official website and a community-based DAPP that can be easily used by DeFi newcomers. In the new DAPP, all 9 ecological modules of MetaFinance will have independent URLs. Besides, a user guide GitBook was launched, bringing a full range of introduction and guidance to MetaFinance.

2.Operational Development

MetaFinance Global Ambassador Program will be soon launched. A total of 48 ambassador NFT medals will be awarded to global MFI promoters,16 each for the publicity group, content group and social group. The NFT medal records the communities and users with outstanding contributions and contains rich rights and interests such as token airdrop. Ambassador NFT medals can be traded on platforms such as OpenSea.

Daniel, Technical and Product Architect of MetaFinance, was invited to participate in the Cryptotech Community global AMA held on the 26th and 27th of this month to discuss the design ideas of V2 update and MetaDex, explicate the MetaFinance ecology and development plan, and answer questions from community members.

MetaFinance made its mark on Youtube this month, followed by many well-known KOLs and well-made video interpretation. We will continue to develop our global community in various media channels. Join our Telegram group to get latest information:

In the past days, Henan Province in China has been suffering from heavy rainfall disaster. MetaFinance has a very important community in China and received related videos and photos from our Chinese community members. We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and damage caused by the disaster and touched by the solidarity and courage of the Chinese people as well. MetaFinance has entrusted our Chinese community to donate 300,000RMB, hoping to help aid in local rescue efforts.

About MetaFinance

MetaFinance aims to create a one-stop DeFi service hub so users are able to get everything they need in DeFi done in one place. MetaFinance has launched four core products: MetaBoard, MetaPool, MetaDAO and MetaTrigger, and will launch community-based DEX, Derivatives, NFT, etc. in the future. MFI is a governance token that carries the value and rights of MetaFinance. The MetaFinance V2 version will be launched in Q3 2021.








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