MetaPioneers: An NFT+DeFi Innovative DApp, linking up with Web3 easily and entertainingly!

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We Create, We Build, We Inspire

——MetaFinance Team

I. Product Vision

There are many typical user identities in Web3 Space, and Alice is one of them. Alice is eager to learn all the fascinating concepts happening in the blockchain world. Meanwhile, Alice has acquired a lot of knowledge; she understands why decentralisation will be the future while centralisation is history. Alice is also aware of the different paths she can take as this new world of blockchain emerges. However, the reality differs from her imagination significantly and Alice failed to earn a fortune in blockchain, and her assets plummeted as the bear market emerged.

Meanwhile, Bob is different. He did not spend all his time grinding knowledge and followed a simple rule: buy in the bear market and sell in the bull market. By merely following this rule, he has accumulated tons of income.

Alice’s and Bob’s story has been repeated countless times in the world of web3, which is full of opportunities. They might not differ much in terms of class or income groups, and you might have a lot of “Alices” as your friends. A smart Alice might tell you the intricate strategies and techniques she apply in trades. Don’t believe it, my dear Bob.

We have summarized three ultimate rules from the stories of bear & bull market:

  • “Overcome the human nature”

— — Don’t be affected by the ups and downs in the trends of marker. As long as you purchase at a low price and sell on a high ground, you are fine.

  • “Identifying market trends.”

— — This is the most important step of all. Nobody is smarter than the market. We need to utilize confirmed trends to bring fortune.

  • “The Web3 opportunities for wealth in space is accessible to the few who take action”.
  • — — The Web3 space has great opportunities. Only the minority has courage, and fortune belongs to those who step in, not to those who sit back and watch.

MetaPioneers, hereinafter referred to as “MetaPi”, is a decentralized application featuring NFT+DeFi elements with a combination of entertaining game features. It minimizes the long and harsh learning process and enables users to understand Web3 via entertainment. MetaPi focuses on longevity and consistency financially; it is an excellent combination of knowledge and technology for all Web3 and Web3 users.

Most people’s concerns about the investment in NFT are the uncontrollable nature of the price and the lack of liquidity. While MetaPi is different as an NFT collection continuously generates interest, with its price being supported by MetaTrigger.

Its fundamental purpose is to suit the next generation’s economic model and explore valuable investment options. The assets are fully prepared fundamental assets, which would not be heavily affected because of the constant ups and downs of the market.

MetaPi NFT holders are equivalent to sharing a value which is multiple times larger than a long-term investment in NFT. Because of the perks of its perpetually interest-bearing feature, MetaPi NFT has sufficient value anchor, avoiding the plummeting of price for the normal NFT without the necessary publicity. MetaPi NFT’s deposit and investment products innovation bring every NFT its basic value approximation and liquidity. Therefore, whether you are a long-term or short-term investor, MetaPi can always be your finest choice.

Short term investors

At the stage of exponential user growth, users have a large demand for various resources. Short-term speculators can participate in the first batch of MetaPi NFT casting, enjoy the benefits of head mining, and earn the difference by taking advantage of market scarcity.

Medium-term investment users

Not only can they enjoy the profit from the short-term investment, but they can also accumulate vast resources and crypto tokens. There will be some fundamental NFTs in the market, but the market lacks permanent, top-tier NFTs, which take a long time and effort to acquire. Non-short-term investors can acquire them easily as they spend time and effort to find unique, top-tier NFTs for personal use and sale.

Long-term investment users

The MetaPi perpetually interest-bearing pool is an extremely high-yield shared pool where it extracts valuable targets from the next-gen economic models and helps users earn cryptocurrencies permanently. Only those with top-tier NFT holders can participate. The earlier they participate, the higher rewards they will earn. If there is only one top-tier NFT in the pool, it can acquire all the outcomes from the pool that day! As time progresses, long-term investors may accumulate a large number of tokens, much more than their original investment in this NFT. MetaPi can help long-term investors overcome their human nature, follow the trends and overcome both the bear market & the bull market.

The good Web3 products are not the boring, stereotypical stacks of technology. MetaPi is an innovative and exciting next-gen NFT product with the theme of space adventure fantasies. Everyone, including web3 amateurs and professional users, can grab the chance easily and become pioneers.

Suit up, get to know MetaPioneers, and let’s meet in the galaxy!

II. MetaPioneers Story Background

In this vast and dense universe, the daring captain, first officer, and crew members of the Meta Base are leading the professional prospectors in the search of rich & abundant prospectoral resources. These resources will eventually be minted to the common exchange currency of the galaxy, MPI. The galaxy itself contains extremely rare prospectorals, and mining these prospectorals can earn much more rewards for the MetaBase. The captain and the crew members will not participate in the mining activities of the prospectors. Still, by leading the prospectors to their target destination galaxies, they can earn portions of the mining rewards.

Multi-Galaxy Identities of MetaPioneers

The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators

— — Edward Gibbon

MetaPioneers planets have an abundance of minerals. To mine them, we must be led by the galactic captain. As the leader & guide for prospectors of the universe to travel through galaxies, the captain is unquestionably the most attractive position of the ship. The rewards are precious for the captain position. Moreover, as the expansion factor for the journey, if the captain sees the potential of other crew members, the position of the first officer will be rewarded for them to prove their ability. As the successor favored by the captain, the First Officers must try their best to prove their ability as captain. Only by completing certain contribution requirements then can a first officer be promoted to a captain and lead a team.

Captain, First Officer, or crew members, which role will you play in MetaPioneers? No matter the roles, you can still run free in the world of metaverse, and explore your own treasure.

Recruiting prospectors

Joyfully to the breeze royal Odysseus spread his sail, and with his rudder skillfully he steered

— — Homer

The Prospector — — the universe’s most popular and profitable role; every prospectors has a different personality & skill sets. prospectors put their dreams into gear and participate in various mining jobs around the universe. Although everybody knows it’s a great adventure, they also recognise its considerable profit and are ready to fight.

Every prospector has 4 attributes: stamina, accuracy, speed and equipment. The stamina affects the mining times, the accuracy affects the earnings of each mine, the speed affects the time required while the equipment affects the available props you can carry. Ultimately, this determines your efficiency in mining. The attributes of each prospector are unique and random. If you are unsatisfied with your recruited prospector, you can also choose to redraw the loot box to recruit a new prospect.

The wonderfully Metaverse

As the prospectors are mining, there might be some extra surprises such as loot boxes, which contain many props a prospector can utilize: ship repair prop, intricate pickaxe prop, radiation protection suits etc. if the luck is on your side, you might be able to earn valuable rare chips, which will significantly improve the attributes and the rarity of prospector NFT. Once the prospector is upgraded to master level, they will be able to find the rarest minerals of the galaxies and earn much profit.

Regardless of the types of NFTs, they are free to be traded in the MetaPioneers market. As the inter-galaxy trading prospers, the stores renew, and crew members can earn huge profits! Are you ready for this exciting adventure?

This was the only voyage which I may say was successful in all my adventures, which I owe to the integrity and honesty of my friend the captain; under whom also I got a competent knowledge of the mathematics and the rules of navigation, learned how to keep an account of the ship’s course, take an observation, and, in short, to understand some things that were needful to be understood by a sailor; in a word, this voyage made me both a sailor and a merchant; for I brought home five pounds nine ounces of gold-dust for my adventure, which yielded me in London, at my return, almost 300 pounds

— — 《Robinson Crusoe》


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