MetaPool Test Announcement.

With the help of community volunteers, we have completed $20,000 pledge tests, and both MetaBoard and MetaPool contracts have been run stably.

In the running process of the product, the community volunteers put forward questions and give us advice, we are glad to see the unity of the community cooperation!

After consulting with multiple community volunteers, we decided to tweak the algorithm of MetaPool to ensure that the smart contract meets the needs of the majority of participants, and we passed the proposal:

1. An Algorithm for adjusting the optimal holding interval, but this value will still vary with the average;

2. Modified profit-sharing Algorithm to achieve real-time profit-sharing accumulation, to help the early participants to get the benefits they deserve, consistent with their risk;

Community volunteers should see this important announcement:

  • On October 22nd, we will complete the replacement of the MetaPool pledge contract



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