MetaTrigger — The Auto-Compounding Vaults 1.0 Preview

3 min readMay 1, 2022


Why Does MetaFinance Launch the Auto-compounding Vaults?

MetaFinance is a community-driven decentralized business ecosystem with eight ecological products, including multi-chain mining pools, DAO governance, decentralized exchanges, etc. At the same time, the auto-compounding vaults are its key “lifeblood”. MetaFinance started the auto-compounding vaults research at the early stage of its creation; we launched the beta version of MetaTrigger. All the relevant $MFI tokens were repurchased & burned, and our community members have endorsed this product.

In 2021, MetaFinance’s primary focus was on multi-chain layout & building community ecology, cross-chain to BSC & HECO and launched the MetaStartPlan (Node Competition). After that, the strategic focus of our technology community shifted to ecological products, not only investing key resources to incubate the MetaDEX, but also upgrading on existing products to create a one-stop DeFi integrated service hub.

However, there are tens of thousands of tokens of mixed quality in DeFi area, and it happens that bad tokens drives out good ones. It is a question we have been thinking about how to enable our community members to discover & hold value tokens for the long term, to cross the market periods and achieve their financial goal. During this period, the MetaFinance team worked hard to spread and popularize the knowledge of the blockchain industry, and after one year of accumulation, the overall expertise of community users is beyond all expectations! In addition, there is a demand from our community members who are interested in accumulating value tokens and generating passive income through their tokens.

Therefore, the MetaTrigger will be our primary iterative product. We summarized the experience in the operation of the beta version and will officially launch it based on the BSC chain.

How Do the Vaults Work?

The auto-compounding vaults, known as blockchain yield aggregator, are pools of capital that automatically generate income based on opportunities in the DeFi market. It benefits users by spreading the cost of the gas fee, using the auto-compound strategy & fully automating and automatically transferring capital as opportunities arise. Users do not need to be well-versed in the underlying protocols involved; it’s an incredible investment tool that allows users to deposit capital and let it grow automatically and completely hands-free at good passive income!

Practically, after the user has invested in MetaTrigger, the smart contract of its auto-compounding vaults automatically executes the investment strategies to achieve a stable & higher return. The investment strategy of the MetaTrigger is switchable. The smart contract will automatically switch to another strategy with the highest return if the current investment return is not the highest.

MetaTrigger — The Auto-Compounding Vaults 1.0 Introduction

MetaTrigger Auto-compounding Vaults can be referred to as a valuable token yield aggregator, which helps users gain instant income & accumulate valuable tokens for long-term investment across market periods.

The MetaTrigger official version has eliminated the conversion between high-yield multi-currencies in order to reduce risk, and instead opened a fixed yield pool for some fixed tokens. These earnable tokens are selected by MetaLabs & MetaDAO under MetaFinance (note: MetaDAO will also be iterated); the yield is higher than the regular yield farming pool through its auto-compounding contract, accompanied by $MFI token bonus.

At the same time, MetaFinance Starfish Program incentive was launched with the auto-compounding vaults. It will help community members achieve their goals even faster.

How do you like it? Next week, we will post more details about MetaTrigger and the Starfish Program. Would you like to predict what the yield rate of MetaTrigger will be? Let us know your thoughts! We would love to hear more voices from you. Don’t forget to join our MetaFinance Telegram Community For More Details: 🔗

Let’s have an amazing DeFi summer with $MFI!