Update to the MetaFinance Token Economic Model— Official Announcement

4 min readMay 27, 2022


We’re happy to announce that the MetaFinance Token Economic model has been updated to bring MetaFinance more competencies in several new products and developing routes and provide new infrastructure to drive growth.

The governance poll to update the MetaFinance economic model has passed with 99.6% support and the MFI tokens will be reallocated to various products within its ecosystem.

MetaFinance is a community-driven decentralized business ecosystem, and after this adjustment, 70.54% of the total supply of MFI tokens will be fully mining rewarded to the community members( in MetaPool). All MFI tokens in each product are also obtained by community users, amounting to more than 80% of the token supply. The following are the reallocation details.

I. MetaPool: Staking & Mining

A total of 296,300 MFI tokens will be mined by MetaPool and rewarded to users;
The following schedule of the adjustment output is shown below.

  • Note: 20,000 MFI tokens will be awarded to participants of the Blueprint program.

II. MetaTrigger: The Yield Aggregator

MetaTrigger is a multi-chain yield aggregator powered by MetaFinance. It helps users gain more cryptocurrency and increase their passive income in the DeFi area, including optimal staking pools matching strategies & auto-compounding strategies.

MetaTrigger is designed to provide users with a secure & decentralized approach to generate more earnings from their crypto assets more easily. Through a set of smart contracts and matching strategies, MetaTrigger automatically maximizes users’ earnings from various pools and other mining opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem. This is more convenient & lower cost than doing it personally and creates more profitable opportunities.

*MetaTrigger will go live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in June.

25,000 MFI tokens are allocated to MetaTrigger as an additional bonus, as well as a referral reward for the Starfish Program. For more information, please refer to the following article:


III. MetaLabs: Empowering the Decentralised Web3

25,000 MFI tokens are allocated to support the establishment of MetaLabs — — identifies, invests, and incubates viable blockchain early potential projects to expanding the ecosystem of MetaFinance.
This will bring MetaFinance more new business partners and collaborations to enhance the brand’s reach; these collaborative projects will also bring potential opportunities and benefit our community users.

IV. MetaDAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

20,000 MFI tokens are allocated in MetaDAO for MetaFinance’s governance and financially backup for other products. In case there are not enough MFI tokens left for a product as needed, MetaDAO will transfer these reserve MFI tokens after an on-chain vote, which will be executed according to the result of the vote. Additionally, these MFI tokens are also used to enhance the level of community self-governance.

V. Tokens Burning

MFI token is the value Token and governance Token of MetaFinance. MetaFinance will conduct continuous burning to facilitate deflation and value embodiment, and 53,700 MFI tokens ( 8,500 MFI from 1st pool + 45,200 MFI token from 2nd pool) will be burned overall, accounting for 12.79% of the total supply.

*The next round of MFI tokens burning is scheduled to start in June, 2022.


Our version is to help our community members discover valuable tokens and compound their value with time. Having our community members gain higher returns & create wealth is the core vision of MetaFinance. The new tokenomics model enables MetaFinance to have clear incentives for all types of products. As the products improve and the community grows, the entire ecosystem will take it to the next level!

If you have questions or comments, please join the discussion! Outside of Medium, you are invited to engage with team members on Telegram.


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