Updates: MetaFinance V2 Rebranding

Hi MetaFinance fans,

As you may know that we are working day and night on MetaFinance V2 and rebranding. Great news is, we have already made significant progress and here are some we would like to share with you!

New Website Is About To Be Launched

We are thrilled to announce that our new website is scheduled to be launched on 30 Aug. By adding the landing page to our existing DAPP, we are making the layout of MetaFinance more comprehensible. DAPP will be accessible through a gateway on the homepage while we provide a navigator to guide you through everything you need to understand about MetaFinance.

New Domain Activation

Along with our new website, we will also activate our new Domain, www.metafinance.com. This is a premium domain and through its acquisition, we reaffirm our branding as MetaFinance and our authenticity.

Partnership With AnySwap

We have officially partnered with AnySwap, a Yearn Finance project by Andre Cronje, which we provide us the access to decentralised cross-chain infrastructure. Users of MetaFinanec are now able to transfer their Ethereum $MFI to BSC without the need to go through any centralised exchange. This can significantly increase the exposure and robustness of MetaFinance that more DeFi users from YFI ecosystem can access MFI much easier while multi-chain yield farming can work out even when CEXs black out.

MetaDEX Launching And $MFI Halving

Our proprietary decentralised liquidity aggregator, MetaDEX, is also about to be launched. MetaDEX aims to establish a new way to consolidate fragmented liquidity across a blockchain using its proprietary algorithm to offer the best exchange rate.

The halving event of $MFI is also approaching. The reduced emission rate with an increasing demand for $MFI may lead to a major fluctuation in the price so please plan ahead.

NFT Badge And Governance Reward Based On DID

We will soon be testing out our new Digital Identity (DID) via distributing limited edition MFI NFT badge. The supernodes and nodes will have the opportunity to become the first to own DIDs and receive the badges. Details of this campaign will be announced shortly.



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