💎Prepare yourself for MetaTrigger Starfish: $ Referral Rewards Program!👬


Hi, MetaTrigger fans,
We are proud to announce a referral rewards program, the MetaTrigger Starfish! It is a new approach to user incentives under MetaTrigger. The core of the Web3.0 world is about sharing, and if you wish to be a community member that enjoys sharing with your friends, then the Starfish is just the thing for you! As you can gain greater rewards and earn more passive income! we will explain all the details you need to know to make the most of your experience with our Starfish Program.

🌍A Referral Program that Rewards Participation

  • What’s more, as long as the investment of the friend you refer to reaches a total of $200,000 / 500,000 / 1 million, you will receive the referral rewards of up to 5%/7%/10% of your referrals’ earnings profit in $MFI!
  • And do remember, The top contributors to MetaTrigger Starfish will receive additional ranking rewards!

🏆How does the MetaTrigger Starfish system work?

Well, it is relatively simple. As shown in the example below, User A referred to User B about MetaTrigger, and User B selected among MetaTrigger’s pools to stake a particular value token for mining; With the optimal pool matching & auto-compounding strategies, User B will receive a higher income than staking on his/ her own. User A will receive the referral rewards (in $ MFI token)of a certain percentage of the amount earned by the referred user.

Since he entered a valid address, Ben can enjoy a 10% additional increase factor for his investment, which means Ben is enjoying the compound interest of 11,000 dollars ($10,000+ $10,000* 10%)!

About MetaFinance

MetaFinance, established in 2020, is a community-driven DeFi integrated commercial complex that includes multi-chain mining pools, aggregated DEX, DAO governance, yield aggregator, MetaLabs and NFT market.

Our Value:

Put Users First

Act With Fairness

Keep Innovation

Join our MetaFinance Telegram Community For More Details: 🔗https://t.me/metafinanceglobalMetaFinance

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